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A Reputation Of Quality And Expertise

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Certification / Registered

Certification / Registered

Standards Compliance

Standards Compliance

Marlin Thermocouple Wire


Marlin Thermocouple Wire, Inc. was created in order to service the temperature sensing needs for thermocouple wire & cable throughout various industries. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Marlin Manufacturing Corporation, the Marlin reputation for Quality and Integrity in the manufacture of high quality temperature instrumentation is being infused into our operations.

The result is the high quality product, service customers expect, and integrity our customers can trust.


In addition to its expertise in developing thermocouple and instrument wire products for the metal working industry, Marlin Thermocouple Wire currently provides customers throughout the United States from the aircraft, aerospace, petrochemical, and power engineering sectors with high-quality technical products. Our experienced operators provide years of combined experience in the Wire Insulating Industry. The combination of expertise of Marlin Thermocouple Wire, Inc. and Marlin Manufacturing Corporation provide decades of experience in the temperature instrumentation industry.


Because Marlin Thermocouple Wire manufactures all of the products we sell, we are in a unique position to provide total product quality. Our manufacturing system provide high quality of both industry-standard products and customer specific designs.


Marlin Thermocouple Wire maintains a NIST-traceable calibration laboratory facility which provides accurate results that customer can rely on. Our calibration results are provided with integrity and reliability.


Our attention to detail assures the best quality and service with each order. Management, staff and employees of Marlin Thermocouple Wire, Inc. are committed to being a leading provider of technically-oriented specialty wire and cable products to both industrial end-user customers and distributors.


The management, staff and employees of Marlin Thermocouple Wire, Inc. are committed to being a leading provider of technically-oriented specialty wire and cable products to both industrial end-user and distributor customers. To remain in this position, we recognize that the customer’s perception of quality lies not only in product attributes but also such considerations as service provided, delivery, and price. In providing our customers with quality products, we are rewarded with their loyalty and thereby ensure the prosperity of this organization and its employees.

We believe that the best way to ensure consistent quality is to implement and maintain a Quality Management System consistent with the requirements of ISO. We shall continue to:

  • Display management commitment to quality.
  • Provide training and support for all employees so that they may accept responsibility for quality.
  • Involve all employees in the quality effort.
  • Review our systems and procedures for improvement opportunities.
  • Seek suppliers who show evidence of similar commitment to quality.


Marlin Thermocouple Wire (“Seller”) warrants that any product provided by Seller shall be free from defects in material or workmanship from a twelve month period from the date of shipment. Seller shall replace any products it has provided which fail to meet the applicable warranty as set forth.

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